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tion capacity, Zheng said.JUBA, Sept. 7 -- The seventh batch of Chinese medical team in South Sudan on Sunday had left the country after completing a 17-month medical assistance mission in the east African country.The Chinese medics were replaced by the eight batch which arrived in South Sudan about two weeks ago.DD

uring their stay, the 15-member team, from Chinas Anhui Province, provided aboE


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ut 8,000 free medical consultations across South Sudan.The medical team was joined in the trip back to China by another eight-member Chinese medical expert team returning from anti-virus missions in Guinea and South Sudan.South Sudans health minister Elizabeth Achuei Yol said the Chinese medics have been resourcefuA

l to the people of South Sudan.We are honored and happy for the great job the C1


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hinese have done and continue to do in South Sudan. We are particularly proud of the skills the expert team passed to our medical staff, Achuei said during a joint farewell ceremony for the Chinese medical teams on Sunday.We will never forget the good things China has done for us especially during this COVID-19 pV

andemic. I want this relationship to be promoted for the future generations, s3


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he added.Hua Ning, Chinese Ambassador to South Sudan, said China will continue to support South Sudans quest to build a strong and resilient health care system.Good friends will always feel close even though they are thousands of miles away from each other. So, we are determined to push forward the relation betweG

en China and South Sudan, Hua said.While in South Sudan, the two medical teams f



provided several training sessions to medical students, health workers and also shared experience on the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.AMASCUS, Aug. 18 -- The Chinese embassy has donated medical equipment to the University Children Hospital in the Syrian capital Damascus. Chinese Ambassador to Syria Feng Bic

ao and the head of the University Children Hospital Rustom Makkieh signed a rec2

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